It's pretty depressing for us who love fried chicken to make the keto jump and find out that a lot of our favorite foods need bread and other nasty starches for them to create that crunchy outer layer.

But don't lose hope. We've come up with a way to create a fried chicken that tastes just as good– no, better than the original.

Keep reading to find out how to make it.

Keto Fried Chicken


  • Chicken, either breasts or chicken thighs.
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Garlic powder
  • Paprika
  • Almond flour (not almond meal)
  • heavy cream
  • Extra crispy bacon

How to make:

  1. Get two different bowls.
  2. In the first bowl, add the egg and cream, and whisk for one minute.
  3. In the second bowl, mix together all the dry ingredients. Add crispy bacon to taste, but don't overdo it.
  4. Now take each piece of chicken by hand, one at a time, and dip in egg mixture, then in the dry mixture.
  5. Best technique is to drop on dry mix, throw some on top and punch down two times. This makes it stick real nice.

Note: If you're a fan of condiments, like me, you might want to use parsley, pepper and garlic to add to the egg mix. Then, let the chicken marinate in the egg mix for as long as you want– the longer, the tastier it'll be. (marinate in the refrigerator, though)

Whew, frying chicken makes you sweat, doesn't it? But it's totally worth it.

You can apply this same recipe to a lot of other stuff– like seafood, for example. Or just about anything really: This recipe adds a such a tasty crunchy layer that you'll want to fry your cutlery.