On keto, there aren’t many options, regarding condiments, that are not mayo based.  This Keto Pesto recipe will help bring flavor to all kinds of dishes.  You can marinade chicken with it.  Add this to any salad to freshen it up. Beef can be marinated, or a favorite of mine is to glaze steaks and burgers with it as a topping.  However you do it, you’ll never go wrong!


·         1 ½ Cups of fresh basil

·         1/3 Cup pine nuts, toasted

·         ¾ Cup grated Parmesan

·         2/3 Cup olive oil

·         1 Teaspoon minced garlic

·         2 Teaspoons tomato paste

·         Add Salt/Pepper to taste


1.       Add all ingredients, except the oil, to a container

2.       Use an immersion blender to mix, adding oil as it blends

3.       Jar up and serve.