It’s the new century. We don’t really need to go out to buy things. You want an espresso? Make it at home. A much newer thing is making ice cream at home. Yes, you heard that right: you can now make professional-grade ice cream at home. No more nightly trips to the gas station for emergency ice cream.

It’s thanks to machines like the ICE 100 that we can now make ice cream at home. Although there are ice cream makers that can easily go for triple the price of the ICE 100, and have more capacity, the ICE 100 can do just about anything any other machine can. It will mix your mix under icy temperature, making an impossibly creamy ice cream that will blow your mind.

The program lasts exactly one hour, during which it compresses, mixes the ice cream until it becomes thick and creamy. After this program, you can also choose the keep-cool function, which allows the ice cream to sit for 10 minutes in the ICE 100 at optimal temperature.

As for capacity, the ICE 100 can hold up to 1.5 quarts of ice cream on one go, which is more than enough, considering how short the program is. You can make a lot of ice cream in one day. It also includes two different paddles for top quality mixing.

All in all, this machine is that one thing you don’t really need but it’s just so damn good that you won’t ever regret for a second having bought it. Homemade ice cream is something to die for.