I have had this tradition for years - friday night means grilled meat. It doesn’t matter what type of meat it is, I just gotta have grilled meat on fridays. I was having quite a bit of trouble doing this every friday - particularly in the coldest months, which just discouraged me completely from going outside. Then, I discovered the magical magic of indoor grilling. I haven’t stopped grilling on Fridays for years!

The last one I picked up was the one we’re reviewing today, the Maxi-Matic. The previous one I had was super big and it just took up too much space in our kitchen, so it had to go. I was able to sell it, and I settled on this one. I was a little hesitant at first, but it was a pleasant surprise: this grill works great, is compact enough to keep around the kitchen, and can even be used as a centerpiece on the dinner table.

There’s several sizes and models; I got the round one, and it’s the one I recommend.

Grilling erryday

Pros of electric grilling

For those on the fence about this whole thing, here’s a short, practical list to illustrate the advantages of electrical grills. Applies to any type of electrical grill - not just the Maxi-matic!

  • Hassle-free: No more having to get coal or any type of food. No more chemical fire starters, and nor more frustrating delay getting a fire going. This part is a big relief that you only really notice once you don’t have to do it anymore.
  • Portability: Having an electric grill also means you can just pick it up and take it anywhere. And, if you’ve got extensions, you can still grill outdoors. Also perfect for hanging out with that friend that doesn’t own a grill.
  • Easy to clean: While some people say that grills shouldn’t be cleaned, I personally find that absolutely disgusting. Still, they are a pain to clean and even if you’re like me, you probably keep putting it off, or end up convincing yourself that the whole “no cleaning” thing is true. Electric grills are incredibly easy to clean, which is just healthier for everyone involved.


The Maxi-matic will make grilling easier. A lot of the time that we find a nice, tempting recipe, we end up not making it because we’re too lazy to fire up the grill. But when it’s just powering up the grill, you’ll be more inclined to grill. Plus, grilling involves less cooking oils, which aren’t necessarily the best.

The Maxi-matic has an adjustable thermostat control that can be adjusted to five different settings, allowing you to control the temperature depending on what you’re making and how you like it. You can finally try your hand at some of our recipes that require grilling, like our chicken skewer recipe!