The world will forever be in debt with the Italians. But nowadays, with all of the unhealthy food that there is around, we must find new ways of making pasta. Because there’s nobody in this world that doesn’t like a plate full of spaghetti with tomato sauce, right? Fortunately, there’s a very easy way of making very low-carb spaghetti or noodles.

This Spiralizer is just the tool you need for quickly turning virtually any vegetable into noodles.

In the early days of Keto, vegetable pasta was kind of a delicacy. Not because it was expensive or anything, but because you had to do the whole thing by hand. This took, at the very least, half an hour for just one zucchini. It was just horribly time-consuming.

With the Spiralizer, you can do this in just a few moments. Plus, you have 5 different blades to choose from. Each blade will make a slightly different type of noodle-- some thinner, some not so much. This allows you to customize your noodles depending on what kind of recipe you’re going for!

The Spiralizer is quite easy to use and works similarly to a meat grinder, if you’ve ever used a manual one. You put the vegetable into place, crank the lever, and the noodled vegetable comes out the other side. It’s really too easy.

While some vegetables might not be such a hassle to make into noodles -the zucchini, for example, is soft and easy to cut through- you will beg for a Spiralizer when its time to make noodles out of carrots or beets. Its powerful enough to spiralize hard vegetables without breaking!

So get to spiralizing and let your inner Italian run free, no matter what kind of dietary restrictions you might have.