When it comes to making desserts (of which we have plenty on this site), the use of a hand mixer is necessary on about 70% of the recipes. With a few exceptions, of course, like no-bake desserts.

So, we thought we’d go over the advantages of getting a good hand mixer over a regular one. The Utalent hand mixer is one of the most practical ones you can get; it has not only multiple speeds to choose from, but also multiple attachments, each for a different occasion.

  • You’ll find two different mixers for whenever you need to mix ingredients together, plus two efficient hooks used for kneading; these come quite handy, particularly when having to knead fine almond flour. Also, a special egg beating attachment is included… and you all know how much we love eggs!
  • Has a turbo option-- easy to use and very practical when in the middle of mixing something that won’t mix just how you want it.
  • Ribbed pattern on the handle; firm grip with little to no chance of accidents.
  • All attachments are easily ejectable with a button.

If you’ve still got a manual hand mixer, we strongly recommend you get an electrical hand mixer like this one. It will save you an incalculable amount of time in the kitchen. What’s more important, all your desserts will turn out better. The power on this thing is quite something, making everything turn out super smooth and even. There’s just no comparison.

Plus, it saves you a lot of work -making desserts is, already, a lot of work- and frees you up to do other things in the kitchen. It doesn’t take up that much space.

Get your desserts to the next level by getting the Utalent Hand Mixer!