Yogurt is infinitely superior to milk. When you make yogurt you don't just eliminate a bunch of carbs from the equation, you're also enriching a food to the point of it turning into a superfood.

Yogurt is packed with protein. It is rich in amino acids and -best of all- it is full of probiotics. There are literally a million reasons why incorporating yogurt into your diet is a great idea.

So, in order to make the best yogurt possible, we gotta get our hands dirty... and make it ourselves. For this, we're using the Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker

This yogurt maker looks, on the outside, quite simple. But in reality it is packed with a bunch of features that will let you literally walk away and let it do its thing— no need to check in on it every once in a while.

The best thing about having a yogurt maker is that YOU decide what's going in the yogurt. Who hasn't had to go through a bunch of yogurts' labels only to find they all have way too many (unnecessary!) carbs?

When you make yogurt yourself, you can make it 100% keto. Stick it to all those companies that don't care about adding obscene amounts of sugar and get all the benefits of yogurt.

Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker: Features

  • Timer + alarm
    The Euro Cuisine Yogurt Maker lets you set the time and will beep when your yogurt is ready to eat! But if for some reason you don't hear it, it will keep yogurt for up to 15 hours after beeping.
  • High in probiotics
    The technology of this yogurt maker will produce a higher quantity of probiotics than most other yogurt makers. This is particularly seductive for those of us who want to better our gut health.
  • High capacity
    If you really like yogurt, you can now make huge batches in one sitting without sweating it. The clever design on this machine lets you make a lot of yogurt without taking up too much space.