Traveling and the Keto Diet Plan

Just because you can’t meal prep while traveling or on vacation doesn’t mean you have to forego your Keto diet.  I travel for work several times a month for a few days at a time and I have learned that by making a few adjustments, it is 100% doable to stay on the Keto plan and have many options that will keep you from falling off the bandwagon.  By simply planning and opening your mind to options and not just sticking to what you are used to.

Bring Snacks!

No matter your mode of travel, non-perishable snacks are the way to go.  There is no mess or real prep needed, you can easily grab them when you need, and you’ll keep your blood sugar level in check.  Some of these items are ideal for the weary traveler (and some are a fan favorite of my own 😊):

·         Parmesan Crisps

·         Nuts- NO AIRPLANE PEANUTS- Sugar coating and hydrogenated oil-YUCK!

·         Jerky

·         Veggie Sticks

·         Keto friendly crackers

·         Keto Chocolate- Remember 50% or more cacao

When traveling by car a bonus would be making room for a cooler.  So many more options become available to you and a happy traveler is better, well-traveled traveler!

Call Ahead to Your Destination

If you’re going to be somewhere for an extended period, plan to look around the area restaurants and review their menus.  Nutritional information will be available and help you make the right decisions. I’ve even called ahead to some places, made a reservation and explained to them what I can/will eat, and they all have been very accommodating.  A little time spent doing this is a lot better than letting my diet slide.  Some very good choices and options that you should have at most places would be:

·         Grilled Chicken/Steak Salad- No croutons or relish.  Also look for low/no sugar option for dressings.  *try my way of stacking avocado on top with some salt and pepper*

·         Beef Burgers/Chicken Sandwiches- No bun- top with mayo, cheese and mustard. *try my way of using large leaf lettuce as a wrap or a “lettuce bun” *

·         Fajitas- No tortilla.  *try my way of smashing avocado into meat and cheese and separate into small bite size balls/portions. *

·         Avoid fried things as they are usually fried with a breading that will kill your diet plan

·         Breakfast- load up on bacon, sausage and eggs and cheese- don’t forget the butter for your coffee!

·         Buffets- Some resorts will have huge stations with leafy greens, eggs, nuts and oils for dressings.

Buffets loaded with leafy greens are a must!

·         Coffee shop- avoid the breads and pastries but hot/iced black coffee loaded with heavy cream is delicious

Staying Keto + Vacation= Happy and Healthy You

It may add to your “to do list” prevacation but by planning on what and where to eat,  you’ll be happier when you’re back on home. You’ll have stayed on routine and will easily continue your Keto Plan when home, without worry of starting over or falling out of ketosis.  Filling full at the end of each meal is way different than feeling bloated and like you had 10 Thanksgiving dinners in one sitting.  Vacationing and travel is already stressful enough and by following some of the easy steps provided here today, you’ll be able to rest easy, enjoy meal time and know that you are continuing staying on target for your goals that being Keto will bring.